CAD/CAM fabrication of prosthetic restorations is an important part of the future. Deciding which solution is technically, qualitatively and economically most attractive for a laboratory to take advantage of can be difficult. How can investment risks be kept to a minimum while working efficiently and flexibly while also providing the patient with optimum quality care? Is it even feasible to combine all of this? 

It is feasible – with a cooperating partner such as BEGO. Being a pioneer in CAD/CAM technology we can offer you both: maximum freedom of choice in materials as well as processing techniques for every indication. BEGO’s state-of-the-art production center ensures that the finest quality restorations will be returned to you. 

The best would be for you to convince yourself.


BEGO Implant Systems cambiará sus tornillos técnicos con una ranura y cabeza hexagonal por simplemente una cabeza hexagonal, a partir del primer...

Ya es posible combinar las prótesis CAD/CAM de BEGO Medical con el sistema de implantes BEGO Semados ®.

Los próximos 9 y 10 de febrero de 2018 Bego acogerá su 4a conferencia Mundial BEGO Implant Systems “Art of Implantology” en el emirato de Dubai.