Resumen de productos BEGO CAD/CAM

Crown and bridge prosthetics

It is feasible – with a cooperating partner such as BEGO. Being a pioneer in CAD/CAM technology we can offer you both: maximum freedom of choice in materials as well as processing techniques for every indication. BEGO’s state-of-the-art production center ensures that the finest quality restorations will be returned to you.

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Implant prosthetics

BEGO offers a wide range of individual implant prosthetics and thus provides numerous treatment options. The range thus extends from one- and two-piece abutment over bar restorations to implant screwed bridges. BEGO convinces with a large variety of materials.

The production center in Bremen supplies a wide variety of advanced high-precision machines prosthetic components.

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Elaboración de modelos

Elaboración digital de modelos con tecnología Scan LED (SLT)
Las impresiones digitales con escáneres intraorales, junto a la progresiva digitalización de los procesos de la técnica dental, exigen nuevos caminos.

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